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???????????The Earth hit by a Comet

What is a Comet? According to the definitions given by various space research organizations, a comet is a celatial body that travels in an elliptical orbit around the sun. Comet consists of nucleus and tail. The nucleus is made of ice, dust and various frozen gases. When it comes near the vicinity of its star which it orbits around ,the nucleus frozen contents melts -vaporizes . Due to immense velocity and solar winds they get pushed away from the nucleus of the comet forming tail. Due to heat the particles get ionized  (charged due to heat of the sun) cause its tail to glow. Sometimes comets crash into the planets when their orbits cross eachother. The most famous example being the Shoemaker Levy 9 that crashed intoJupiter. Halleys cometHallays Comet Source o comet shoemaker levy9 f Life on Earth A team of Tel Aviv University led by Professor Akiva Bar-Nun carried out study and found out that comets were the source of missing ingredients needed for Life on Earth’s primodial Soup . “When comets slammed into Earth through the atmosphere about four billion years ago, they delivered a payload of organic materials to the young Earth, adding materials that combined with Earth’s own large reservoir of organics and led to the emergence of life,” Prof Bar-Nun said. Comet Shoemaker Levy 9 crashing on Jupiter comet_missed_earth_1883_606The Comet missed hitting earth in1883 The Comet Lovejoy formerly known as C/2014Q2 The comet was discovered on Aug. 17, 2014 by amateur astronomer Terry Lovejoy. It is the fifth comet he has discovered since 2007 Comet_Lovejoy_photographed_by_Dan_Burbank Comet Lovejoy This comet is already been visible for those living in southern hemisphere…as per EarthSky.org. For some people it is visible with naked eye, while to some  by Telescopes etc. 1490994 Comet 1P A British scientist called Edmond Halley, who observed the comet in 1682, was the first person to establish its periodic reappearance after every 75 – 76 years. Comets have fascinated Humans right from the beginning of our existence. Now the researchers of today say that the chemical organic components of the Comets and that of Young Earths organic components combination have produced the Life on Earth. The Scientist of Tel Aviv University have succeeded in simulating the ice components of Comets in lab… From where have we emerged is getting exciting… comet-elenin-sign Comet Elenin

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