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“The universe is a message written in a code, a cosmic code and the scientist’s job is to decipher the code.” ….Heinz Pagel
We do not know what this universe is or whether it has a purpose. The ancient priests searching for order on earth looked to the stars. For years they observed and studied the motions of the stars planets sun and moon. They found out that they travelled in celestial order in a fixed pattern and not random. They knew that there was a definite order in the heaven. These study predicted the annual floods, tides also forecast of climate and season on our earth. The knowledge proved beneficial in the civilization of human beings. This gave birth to physical laws. Consider the idea that the universe is a book the Scientists are reading. The sentences in the book are the different physical laws postulated and confirmed. The modern era has just begun to read this book of universe. ….says Francis Bacon an English empiricist. The scientists believe that an order in the universe exists and can be known.
Nature and Natures laws lay hid in the night,
God said let Newton be and all was light…. (Alexander Pope)
The three laws of motion and the law of gravity created by Issac Newton (1634-1727) are still taught today and are the framework of Physics. Newton’s first law “energy neither be created nor be destroyed, but it can be transferred from one form to another”, is very close to god’s creation concept. Sum total of all energy in this cosmos is a constant i.e. balanced Universe seems to be moving or expanding but they neither expand nor shrink, instead its simply moving in the same old orbit at a fixed time period. The cosmos undergoes a routine cyclic process, which eventually makes the observer to feel as a new changes.
The world of matter i.e. universe was not invented by us. Its source lies outside the human institutions.. It is the material universe. The scientists have unleashed a new force in the social political and economical development. Poetry law Art language politics is originated inside us.
Many people view this Modern civilization with a sense of alienation. Heinz Pagel quoted that once in Boston he met a lady who belonged to a group who believed in human spirit and detested the machines. They did not use any kind of modern equipments. They wrote with quill. They feel that a demonic spirit has entered in the minds since three hundred years ago and is a threat to humanity. They are unable to accept the scientific development. Heinz explained… Science is not the enemy of humanity but one of the deepest expressions of human desire to realize the Infinite Knowledge. To this she asked who he was. He gave his introduction as a Physicist. At this he saw she gave a horrifying look, as an enemy. Heinz felt a deep chasm open between them.
Science has entered the invisible world of quanta. Reading the invisible world of universe, the unseen is influencing the seen. ‘If we do not accommodate these forces by moral and political order we are destined to get destroyed.’ The fears of the lady in Boston he had met were not totally illogical he pondered.
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