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Magnificient TITAN

Heaven wheels above you displaying to you her eternal glories and still your eyes are on the ground.______ Dante

Titan is the second largest moon of Saturn.  (Ganymede of Jupiter being the largest).  Titan was discovered by a Dutch Astronomer Christiaan Huygens in the 1655 march 25.  He named it Saturni Luna.  Later John Herschel son of William Herschel(German born British Astronomer) named it Titan. Titan was a race of powerful deities descendants of Gaia and Uranus that ruled during the legendary Golden age.    There are nearly 60  or more moons of Saturn.  Some are very small and are still being studied.     The largest among them is’Titan’ it is larger than planet Mercury.  The NASA’s Cassinis mission has unfolded its charecteristics.. It is very dense, covered with heavy clouds.  It is surrounded by an orange haze , differes from the rest of the Saturn’s moons.  Titans dense atmosphere creates Green House Effect.  The heat that comes from Sun through dim sunlight gets trapped inside.  The scientists have found Titan very interesting as it may share some similarities to an early Earth.
The Cassini – Huygens probe sent information about Titans atmosphere.  ..Its atmosphere is active and complex, mainly composed of Nitrogen(95%) and Methane (5%).  Elements like Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen are also found which are essential for life.  Sand dunes made of hydrocarbons and liquid methane lakes are largely found.  Earths atmosphere is made up of mostly Nitrogen and small amount of Oxygen (essential for human life).  This similarity makes the scientist believe that Titan may harbor some kind of Life.They believe that lifeforms on Titans could have evolved to use methane in the way that lifeforms on Earth use water, and can survive in much cooler temperature than those on Earth. The lifeforms on Earth cannot survive on Titan. Titan has very weak gravity.  If humans land there it will be possible for them to fly in its atmosphere.  Methane is non poisonous but flammable. There is an abundance of Methane lake in the southern pole.  Liquid methane evapourates and there is methane rain occasionally.  Titan is covered with thick layers of ice.  Its surface temperature is -290F(-179 degrees C).  Its surface pressure is slightly lighter than Earth.There is no magnetic field .    Titans diameter is (50%) larger than Earths Moon and is larger than planet Mercury but its mass is half than of Mercury.
Titan orbits Saturn  in neary 16 days.  It takes 16 days to spin around its axis.  Its rotation is called Synchronous- meaning that the same side of it always faces the Saturn.
It is indeed a marvellous and interesting moon  in the Solar System for the Scientist to Explore further..Published in The Hitavada dt.26/8/2012


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  How you can talk with God/ A Spiritual Experience!

In moments when the inner lamps are lit

And the life’s cherished guests are left outside,

Our Spirit sits alone and speaks to its gulfs.

(Shri Aurobindo (Savitri)

It was late evening, I peeped through my window.  The sky had turned scarlet .  The birds had flown in  to their nests.  This hour was very special.  I lit the evening lamp.  The perfume of the insence sticks engulfed the house.  The noisy day was somewhat quiet now.  My evening prayes had commensed.  After the prayers I loved to stay in this quiet mood.  Years back, i recalled a lovely story I had read.  It was about a rich woman she asks her Master(spiritual) that inspite of having all the comforts  wealth a good loving husband, children house everything in life, she feels empty and something missing in her life. What& Why?   To this the spiritual Master replies …”A part of our mind remains empty even if all the riches happiness of this world we get.  We must fill this gap initially by prayers to Almighty.  We have to build right climate (moral and psychological purification is necessary)  .  Just as we leave our shoes ouside before we enter the temple , we have to leave certain shoes before we enter the sanctuary of meditation…Shri Aurobindo

Daily this prayers has to be exercised.”  Further, he explained her how to practice meditation.                The woman obeyed him.  She sat on a sofa in her room closed her eyes and sat for meditation as instructed by the Master, daily..for considerable span.  After  some time she visited the spiritual Master and thanked him .  She no more had that feeling of emptiness. Moreover , peace prevailed. The real meaning of Life had unfolded to her!
“This is how we talk with the Almighty”,said the Master.   “Daily giving few minutes of silent  communion .  In the beginning with a short praise ,  reciting his name etc few minutes of deep breathing then keeping silence in body and mind.  This quietude leads us to peace and then his love starts pouring wisdom dawns, your heart is full of his grace which overflows in the form of tears at times.” He explained.
The saints say you cry for the worldly things all your life have you wept for the Almighty , who has created you and this beautiful creation the Universe.  Have we thanked him?

You are here to enable the Divine purpose of the universe to unforld.

This is how important you are!…Echart Tolle

Once Swamy Vivekananda had asked Shri Ramakrishna, have you seen God ?
“Yes”, replied the Master,. “I see him just as I see you here, only in a much intenser sense.” “The magic touch of the Master that day immediately brought a wonderful change over my mind. I was astounded to find that really there was nothing in the universe but God! … everything I saw appeared to be Brahman. ”…Swamy Vivekananda
Ask and it shall be given to you
Knock and it shall open to you
Seek and it shall be reaveled to you
Words of the Lord (Jesus Christ) ringing in my ears…

One touch one glance of the Master changes the whole life…I pondered
I had sat in this mood for quite some time.
‘ For oft on my couch I lie,
In vacant or in pensive mood, they flash upon my Inward Eye in the Bliss of Solitude’….William Wordsworth

By Prajakta Dighe

The above article was published in The Hitavada dt. 20/4/2013

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